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Aerobika* Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy System

Moves Mucus Out to Make Breathing Easier

Some illnesses such as COPD, cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis produce excess mucus that is difficult to cough out.  When this mucus is stuck in the lungs it can make breathing very difficult and cause other infections. The Aerobika* Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy System (OPEP) is designed to aid in the loosening and removal of mucus build-up in the lungs. 

Benefits of the Aerobika* OPEP Device

Easier mucus clearance

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Decreased cough frequency

Reduced breathlessness

Increased exercise tolerance


Improved quality of life

This video illustrates what is occuring in the lungs while using the Aerobika* OPEP device and why it is helpful.

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How to Use Your Aerobika* OPEP Device

Step 1

1. Before use carefully examine the device. Replace immediately if any defect is noticed. Always ensure the Resistance Indicator is positioned as prescribed by your healthcare professional. Gently press the two halves together to make sure the Attachment Tabs are engaged.

Step 2 & 3

2. Although the Aerobika* OPEP device is orientation independent, it is recommended that treatments be done in a comfortably seated position.

3. Put the mouthpiece in mouth and close lips around it to ensure an effective seal. Make sure your hand does not block the exhalation path on the back of the device.

Step 4

4. Inhale through the device taking a deeper breath than normal, but do not totally fill your lungs. Hold your breath for 2-3 seconds before exhaling.

Step 5 & 6

5. Exhale actively, but not forcefully, through the device. Ideally, exhalation should last 3-4 times longer than it took you to breathe in. Keep your cheeks flat and firm to maximize treatment effectiveness. Ensure you maintain a good seal on the mouthpiece for the duration of your treatment.

6. Continue taking deep breaths and long exhalations for 10-20 breaths, or as instructed by your healthcare professional. After at least 10 breaths, perform 2-3 'huff' coughs to clear your airways. For maximum efficacy, try to suppress coughing until the end of your treatment.

Step 7

7. Repeat steps 3-6 for 10-20 minutes or as prescribed by your healthcare professional. The entire procedure should be performed at least twice a day on a regular basis, and increased to 3-4 times per day if you are producing a lot of mucus.


Use Active Exhalation
Active exhalation can best be described as the type of effort required to start blowing up a balloon - but is not as forceful as blowing out candles. Keep your cheeks flat as you exhale.

Try a 'Huff Cough'
A 'huff cough' will help move mucus up and out of your lungs. Just like when you use your breath to create fog on a mirror, you would take a short, shallow breath and exhale forcefully with your mouth in an 'O' shape. Contact your healthcare professional if you need help with the proper technique.

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Download Full Instructions (PDF)

Watch Video - Instructions for Use

Watch Video - Cleaning Instructions

Watch Video - How to Use with Nebulizer Treatments

The Importance of Distilled Water in Cleaning the Device

Distilled water is purified water that has gone through a rigorous process to strip it of contaminants and naturally occurring minerals. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container. Distilled water is not the same as purified, filtered or bottled water. It is sold at most major retailers at a cost comparable to other bottled waters. Distilled water is recommended for cleaning because other types of water can contain minerals and calcium. Over time, these minerals can deposit on components within the device causing an adverse effect on device performance.

Healthcare Professionals


Meeting an unmet need

The Aerobika* OPEP device helps COPD and Bronchiectasis patients
breathe easier and live better by addressing the unmet need of mucus clearance.

Impact of mucus

Chronic cough and sputum production has been linked to premature death and increased occurance of exacerbations1

50% of COPD hospital admissions are associated with bacterial infections2,3

54% of deaths occured in patients exhibiting mucus hypersecretion versus 28% of those without4

Subjects with COPD and mucus hypersecretion are more likely to die from pulmonary infections4


Its unique pressure-oscillation dynamic delivers5:

Easier mucus clearance

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Decreased cough frequency

Reduced breathlessness

Increased exercise tolerance


Improved quality of life


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Download Counselling Tools

Image of Aerobika* Patient Counselling Pad

Patient Counselling Pad


1 Prescott, E., P. Lange, and J. Vestbo. “Chronic mucus hypersecretion in COPD and death from pulmonary infection.” European Respiratory Journal 8.8 (1995): 1333-1338. 2 Burgel, P. R., and C. Martin. “Mucus hypersecretion in COPD: should we only rely on symptoms?.” European Respiratory Review 19.116 (2010): 94-96. 3 Tesfaigzi, Yohannes, Paula Meek, and Suzanne Lareau. “Exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic mucus hypersecretion.” Clinical and Applied Immunology Reviews 6.1 (2006): 21-36. 4 Groenewegen, Karin H., and Emiel FM Wouters. “Bacterial infections in patients requiring admission for an acute exacerbation of COPD; a 1-year prospective study.” Respiratory medicine 97.7 (2003): 770-777. 5 Svenningsen S, Paulin G, Sheikh K, Pike D, Etemad-Rezai R, Suggett J, McCormack DG and Parraga G. Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Bronchiectasis. Presentation at ERS 2014.

Technical Information


Aerobika* Oscillating PEP Device - Clinical Evidence

Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure for Effective Airway Clearance

Oscillations create short bursts of increased expiratory resistance to thin, dislodge and move mucus to the upper airways where it can be coughed out.

  • Aids in lung hygiene and helps prevent infections1
  • Improves gas transfer and lowers air trapping2
  • Oscillations start at the beginning of each exhalation and continue through the end for maximum effect (see graph at right)
Graph depicting the short bursts of increased expiratory resistance
Diagram explaining how Aerobika Oscillating PEP device works

Technical Information

Aerobika* Visual Aid

Visual Aid

An overview of the key features
of the Aerobika* Oscillating PEP
Therapy system


Aerobika* Clinical White Paper

Clinical White Paper

Studies supporting use of PEP
and oscillatory PEP within clinical
and in vitro environments


Clinical Study of the Aerobika* Oscillating PEP therapy System

Clinical Study of the Aerobika* Oscillating PEP Therapy System

A study conducted at Robarts Imaging at Western University using the Aerobika* Oscillating PEP device with Stage II and III COPD patients.


Effective Aerosol Delivery when Combined with Nebulizer Treatments

Aerobika* OPEP may be used in combination with a small volume nebulizer with a standard 22mm adapter, and has been purposely designed to ensure the aerosol flow path delivers a respirable dose comparable to that of the nebulizer alone.

Bar graph depicting the user of Aerobika* with a nebulizer

Source: 1 McCool FD, Rosen MJ. Nonpharmacologic Airway Clearance Therapies: ACCP Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines. Chest 2006;129(1):250S-259S. 2 Marks HJ. Airway Clearance Devices in Cystic Fibrosis. Paediatric Respiratory Reviews 2007;8:17-23. 3 TMI Aerosol Lab, Data on File: 4.0 mL Ipratropium bromide @ 15 L/min ± 5%; continuous delivery with an AEROECLIPSE* II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN).

Where to Buy

Contact Information Please see the following contacts for more information about where the  Aerobika* OPEP device can be purchased in your area.

The Aerobika* OPEP device is available at the pharmacy counter across Canada.
>> Click here to see the list of participating Canadian pharmacies.

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