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AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber

"Using this chamber means I don’t have to worry that my child isn’t getting her medication."

Inhalers (puffers) can be challenging. The medicine comes out very quickly and can end up in your mouth and throat if you do not press the inhaler at the exact same time as you inhale. Using an AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* Chamber with your inhaler helps ensure your medicine is delivered where it is needed to work in your lungs. In addition, the chamber limits the amount of medicine that ends up in your mouth, reducing the potential for side effects.

AeroChamber Plus* Flow Vu* Valved Holding Chamber is the only chamber with a dedicated Inhalation Indicator which can be easily visualized by the parent and caregiver.

Flow-Vu* Inhalation Indicator

The Flow Vu* Inhalation Indicator provides assurance of correct use for medication delivery. 

Other Flow-Vu* benefits:

  • shows there is a proper seal
  • enables counting of breathes
  • helps co-ordinate actuation with inhalation

Explore the image below to learn more about the features of the AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* Valved Holding Chamber.


ComfortSeal* Mask

  • Made of medical grade silicone
  • Contours gently to the face providing a secure seal and comfortable fit
  • Non-latex material to safeguard against facial irritation
  • EZ Flow Exhalation Valve is built directly into the mask to reduce resistance when exhaling and direct exhaled breath away from the face

Low Resistance Inhalation Valve

  • Low resistance inhalation valve opens with minimal inhalation effort allowing your child to easily inhale the medication
  • Purposely designed lower resistance valves for small and medium sizes
  • Tamper-resistant

Proprietary Flow-Vu* Inhalation Indicator

Flow-Vu* indicator
  • Inhalation - The Indicator moves down; medicine is inhaled
  • No Inhalation - The Indicator remains vertical

Anti-Static Chamber

  • Can be used out of package without pretreatment (an extra preparation step that is unlikely to be carried out in many circumstances)
  • Maximizes aerosol suspension time, allowing uncoordianted patients more time to inhale their medicine
  • Transparent body allows aerosol plume to be seen when inhaler is actuated

FlowSignal* Whistle

Alerts you to breathe slowly, encouraging optimal inhalation technique


Universal MDI Adapter

Fits all commonly prescribed Metered Dose Inhalers

Want to learn more? See our AeroChamber Plus* Flow Vu*  Valved Holding Chamber Frequently Asked Questions

If your AeroChamber* VHC does not have a Flow-Vu* Inhalation Indicator, please click here.


Which Chamber is Right for You?
  • Small Mask

    (0 - 18 months)

    Anatomically shaped facemask contours gently to the face. Extra sensitive, low-resistance valve designed specifically for children.

  • Medium Mask

    (1 - 5 years)

    Slightly larger mask will provide a proper seal as the child grows. Extra sensitive, low-resistance valve designed specifically for children.

  • Large Mask

    (5 years+)

    Suitable for people who may have difficulty with a mouthpiece, or who prefer the security a mask provides.

  • AC* Boyz* Chambers

    (5 years+)

    Ideal for new users or kids who are ready to transition from a mask to mouthpiece device - usually around 5 years of age.

  • AC* Girlz* Chambers

    (5 years+)

    Ideal for new users or kids who are ready to transition from a mask to mouthpiece device - usually around 5 years of age.

  • Mouthpiece

    (5 years+)

    Guidelines recommend people use a mouthpiece product as soon as they are able – usually around 5 years of age.

Did You Know?
  • 9 out of 10 people do not use their inhalers properly
    9 out of 10 people do not use their inhalers properly.1 This is why doctors recommend using an AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* Chamber with your inhaler.
  • Flow-Vu Inspirator- Indicator.
    A recent study shows that parents and caregivers prefer the Flow-Vu* Inspiratory Indicator as it provides them with visual feedback of correct use for medication delivery.3
  • couple hiking
    A recent study found that people who used a valved holding chamber with their inhaler had better asthma control.2
  • You should replace your valved holding chamber every 12 months.
  • AeroChamber* brand of chamber helps ensure your inhaler medicine is delivered to the intended site of action in your lungs.
  • BPA free
    AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* is BPA Free! Studies have shown that BPA exposure is linked to the potential development of asthma, cancer and cardiovascular disease. All TMI products are BPA free.4
How to Use the AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu*

Step 1

Shake inhaler and remove cap.

Step 2

Insert inhaler into chamber.

Step 3

Press the inhaler at the start of a slow inhalation and take 5-6 breaths through the chamber.

  • "I've tried other products and I must admit that I am a big fan of the AeroChamber Plus* as they are easy to clean and they have a flap that moves when you inhale so you can count your breaths."

  • "Excellent product. Very useful and fits nicely in my handbag."

  • "These are really good and wish we had got one years ago. If you use incorrectly it makes a noise which is fab. Lovely and small so you can fit in a bag and keep clean rather than the massive spacers we have been given from the doctor.

  • "My son loves the bear pictures on the side. He wants to do what the bear is doing!"

  • "Great product…easy to teach, easy to use."

  • "Bought this so my mom had one at her house when she is looking after my son so I don’t forget the one from home. It is a brilliant product, works well and I like the fact they have a picture of a teddy bear on the side of it."

  • "I have found this excellent for me, as I have a problem using my puffers without it. I cannot inhale and puff at the same time. So the AeroChamber Plus* is excellent!"

Where to Buy

Please call or visit your local pharmacist to inquire about product availability (click here for a full list), or contact us for more information.

1 Plaza V, Sanchis J. Medical personnel and patient skill in the use of metered dose inhalers: a multicentric study. Respiration 1998;65:195-8.
2 Levy ML et al. Asthma patients’ inability to use a pressurized metered-dose inhaler correctly correlates with poor asthma control as defined by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) strategy: a retrospective analysis. Prim Care Respir J. 2013
3 TMI data on file; products are not made with Bisphenol A (BPA).