AeroKat* Feline Aerosol Chamber

The AeroKat* Feline Aerosol Chamber (FAC) is designed to be used with a Metered Dose Inhaler (puffer) as prescribed by a veterinarian to deliver aerosol medication to cats with feline asthma, chronic bronchitis or allergic rhinitis.


When the AeroKat* FAC is attached to the puffer it allows your cat to breathe normally and inhale the aerosol medication which goes deep into your cat's lungs, where it is needed.


The Flow-Vu* Indicator takes the guesswork out of using your cat's aerosol medication. The Flow-Vu* Indicator will help you count the number of breaths your cat has taken through the chamber and may help to ensure there is a satisfactory seal between the muzzle and the mask to optimize the delivery of the medication.


As your cat inhales, the bright green Flow-Vu* Indicator will flutter or move towards the cat (if you have a good facemask seal). When your cat stops inhaling or exhales, the indicator will return to the vertical position.


The ideal time to activate the puffer is when your pet starts to inhale and the Flow-Vu* Indicator is moving horizontally towards them.


AeroKat* Chamber comes with 2 masks (3.2cm & 3.9cm in diameter). The mask should cover you cat's nose and mouth but not the eyes. Metered dose inhaler not included. Please see your cat's veterinarian for a prescription.


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AeroKat feline Aerosol Chamber with Flow-Vu Inhalation Indicator

  • Cat illustration
    Approximately one in 100 cats have asthma – perhaps more, as the symptoms are often confused with hairballs.
  • Cat illustration
    During an asthma attack, the pathways in the lungs become inflamed and narrow resulting in symptoms that may include frequent wheezing, persistent coughing and/or open mouth or labored breathing.
  • Siamese cats
    Asthma generally affects cats between 2 and 8 years of age – with Siamese and Himalayan breeds having a higher prevalence.
Step one. Remove cap and shake inhaler.

Step 1

Remove cap and shake inhaler.

Step two. Insert inhaler into back of chamber and gently apply the mask to your cat’s face.

Step 2

Insert inhaler into back of chamber and gently apply the mask to your cat’s face.

Step three. Press the inhaler to release the medication when the Flow-Vu* Inhalation Indicator is moving toward your cat and hold the mask in place for 5-6 breaths.

Step 3

Press the inhaler to release the medication when the Flow-Vu* Inhalation Indicator is moving toward your cat and hold the mask in place for 5-6 breaths.


Giving your cat their inhaler medication is not always easy. Here are some tips and tricks from some other AeroKat* Chamber users.

  • Reward your cat with treats before and / or after treatment
  • Swaddle your cat in towel or blanket
  • Slowly introduce the AeroKat* Chamber. Start with the mask only, getting your cat used to the feel of it.
  • Use the Flow-Vu* Indicator to help ensure your cat has inhaled their medication
  • Reference the numerous videos on YouTube
  • Be patient - don't give up!
  • "My Mimi has been using the AeroKat* with inhaled medication for 6 years now and he is doing very well. Giving him his medication is almost fun - it is so easy and no problem at all. Thank you very much for the great work! You make our life much easier!”

    - Monika

  • "Now [Meadow] actually looks forward to her medications when she sees the AeroKat* in my hand! Thanks to the AeroKat* chamber, [she] is healthier and happier and my life is much easier."

    - Dottie

  • “I just wanted to thank you so much, for developing AeroKat*...[Ronde] was never scared of the device, or the puffing noise, and will come to get her medicine, almost from the start. And of course the difference in her health has been beyond belief. Thank you, so much.”

    - Laurie

  • “The AeroKat* has changed my life – it brought me great peace of mind in treating my cat’s asthma. He even comes right over and sits next to me when he knows it is time for his meds.”

    - Mikel

  • “Thank you for saving my cat Harry’s life. Harry is his old self again - he feels so great. He's running and playing again - all thanks to you. I very much appreciate your efforts to design something that helps such a small percentage of cats...Again - thanks for giving me back my cat!”

    - Moya

  • “I recently purchased your AeroKat* chamber for my cat Sherlock who has been having breathing problems for a few years now. Your product makes it very easy to administer his medication and he doesn't seem to mind it at all. Thank you for making such a great product.”

    - Doreen

  • "Five months ago, our cat was diagnosed with severe feline asthma and spent several days in the emergency veterinary hospital just to get stabilized. We purchased the AeroKat *device for administering her Albuterol and Flovent doses and I'm convinced it's been a life saver! I cannot imagine dosing her without the AeroKat* - thank you for such a wonderfully developed product!”

    - Renee