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New Drug-Free Device Meets Un-Met Need

Many of these patients suffer from excessive mucus resulting in breathlessness, the inability to do everyday activities, and decreased quality of life. When mucus is not cleared from the lungs it can become a breeeding ground for bacteria and infections, often leading to exacerbations, hopitalizations and even death. In 2010, the cost of COPD in the USA alone was projected to be approximately US$50 billion with hospitalization accounting for the majority of these costs. No current drug teatments address mucus clearance.

Study indicates important benefits of non-drug therapy

The study conducted at The Robarts Research Institute, affiliated with the Schulich School of Medicine, Western University, London Canada, demonstrated that after 3 weeks of daily use of the Aerobika* device, there were statistically significant improvements in clinical and patient reported outcomes including increased mucus clearance, a decrease in cough frequency and breathlessness, and increased exercise tolerance. Overall quality of life was also improved. There were no adverse events reported while using the device. “The results from this study provide compelling evidence that patients suffering from COPD or Bronchiectasis now have a safe and easy-to-use method to address the unmet need of mucus clearance and improve their quality of life”, states Dr. Jason Suggett, Group Director, Science and Technology, TMI. “We are also excited about the future possibility of looking at the longer term impact on patient outcomes and healthcare system efficiencies”.

How it works

The Aerobika* is a hand-held, easy-to-use, drug-free device with a unique proprietary pressure-oscillation dynamic. When the patient exhales through the device, intermittent resistance creates positive pressure and oscillations simultaneously, which mobilizes and assists mucociliary clearance to the upper airways where it can be coughed out.

Aerobika* is available in Canada, the US (Monaghan Medical Corporation), Mexico, and select European countries including Germany.