Published Studies

Landmark asthma study demonstrates device choice determines asthma control

A landmark real-world study of more than 18,000 patients has demonstrated superior asthma control with the AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* antistatic Valved Holding Chamber (VHC, or spacer) compared with other chamber devices.1 For those with asthma, particularly children, the choice of device to deliver their medication is an important considerat


Study Summary: AeroChamber* Brand of VHC

The AeroChamber* Brand of Valved Holding Chamber (VHC) has been continually updated and improved upon since it was first introduced in 1983. The product enhancements are designed to increase ease of use for patients while enhancing the consistency of aerosol medication delivery.


Study Summary: AeroEclipse* BAN

The AeroEclipse* II BAN is the most significant advancement in the history of small volume nebulizers, generating aerosol only in response to the patient's inspiratory maneuver. Since virtually no aerosol is produced during exhalation or at rest, clinicians can be confident that the dose prescribed is the dose delivered.