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Specialty Chambers

In addition to our flagship AeroChamber* brand of Valved Holding Chambers, a full range of specialty application products have been designed to deliver aerosol medication within the hospital environment.


AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber (VHC)

AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber (VHC)

AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static VHC is specifically designed for the delivery of Metered Dose Inhaler medications to tracheostomy patients.

The AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static VHC has been designed to quickly connect to typical 15mm adapters. The Comfort Right Fit* adapter ensures a firm connection for enhanced aerosol delivery, without the need for excessive torque when connecting or disconnecting the device.

The AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static VHC can be used directly out-of-package without pre-treatment – saving valuable time in hospital environments. The AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static VHC minimizes static charge, increasing the suspension time of particles in the chamber to provide consistent medication delivery.

Download Full Instructions (pdf)

AeroChamber*mini Aerosol Chamber

AeroChamber mini* Aerosol Chamber

The AeroChamber*mini Aerosol Chamber is a unique device designed to deliver pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler medication to patients requiring assisted ventilation within a hospital environment. When used in a breathing circuit, it can be easily connected to the endotracheal tube in front of the wye or HME, but must be taken out of the circuit when the aerosol treatment has taken place. Use in conjunction with:

  • Mechanical ventilation circuit
  • Manual resuscitation bag via endotracheal/tracheal tube
  • Standard aerosol resuscitation mask

Full Instructions (pdf)

AeroChamber* VENT Chamber

AeroChamber* VENT Chamber

AeroChamber* VENT Chamber is designed to be left in the inspiratory limb of a ventilator circuit, and can be collapsed when not in use without interruption of continuous mechanical ventilation. The ergonomically designed chamber is easy to open and close and is designed for maximum patient comfort.

The ideally sized AeroChamber* VENT Chamber allows for the expansion of the aerosol plume and provides optimum delivery of Metered Dose Inhaler medication to the patient.

Full Instructions (pdf)


AeroChamber* Holding Chamber for Mechanical Ventilation

AeroChamber* Holding Chamber for Mechanical Ventilation

AeroChamber* Holding Chamber for Mechanical Ventilation (HC MV) is a proven standard for the delivery of aerosol medications to mechanically ventilated patients. This versatile product can be used with a resuscitation bag or placed in the ventilator circuit (but must be taken out of the circuit when the aerosol treatment has taken place) and has been clinically tested in both adult and neonatal ventilator applications.

Full Instructions (pdf)



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