It is our pleasure to announce that in honour of the late Mitchell Baran, the founder and leader of the Trudell Medical Group of Companies, the City of London has renamed the portion of Third Street that two of the Trudell Companies are located to “Baransway Drive”.

Mitch Baran, was not only a great entrepreneur who built the Trudell Group of Companies, but he was also a very generous and philanthropic individual who believed strongly in the communities we live and work in. He believed that it is important to give – his time and money – to causes that helped build a strong society. The change in street name is an honour and recognition of Mitch’s contribution to the City of London.

We continue Mitch’s legacy of focusing on the patients we serve with innovation and quality products to help live our mission of 'helping people breathe better and live fuller lives'.


Running change

The street name was recently officially changed, and we are working to update all the items that currently have our street name indicated. We have notified the regulatory bodies of the street name change and will be updating all the product materials as a running change for the next few months. Please update your records accordingly to ensure no delay in shipments or mail.

Please note only our street name has changed. The rest of the address information (and our location) remain the same. The updated address as of May 1, 2019 is:

Trudell Medical International
725 Baransway Drive
London ON
Canada N5V 5G4

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service department at CustomerService [at] or +1-519-455-4862